Children’s Foundation, Iredell County, NC

Our children’s foundation wants to help set our children up for success.

When you are looking for ways to help your community, there are many things that you can do. The best place to start with anything is at the foundation, and we here at Food For Days believe that our children’s foundation addresses the most fundamental needs that can set our children up for success. Our children’s foundation would love to help our children in the Iredell County, North Carolina area have access to reliable meals every day during the school year, and we need help from wonderful people like yourself.

Help us end food insecurity in local children!


Because the schools provide meals for children during the week, many children who worry about food instability have some reliable food sources for their week. However, when school is not in session, these children are greatly affected, and some might even go hungry. Our children’s foundation works towards finding and helping these children with meals that they can take home from school and eat over the weekend. This ensures that children show up the next school day ready to learn, not hungry and uncomfortable.

Children’s Foundation in Iredell County, North Carolina

At Food For Days, our children’s foundation works to help the community directly. Our donations, both of food and monetary donations, stay in Iredell County to help children in 17 schools. With over 460 children receiving thousands of meals over the years, we are proud of the work that we have done, but we recognize there is still work to do.  To help your community, we would love for you to donate to Food For Days or come volunteer with us. Give us a call today to learn more!

At Food For Days, our children’s foundation proudly serves Iredell County, including Mooresville, Davidson, Troutman, Statesville, Harmony, Huntersville, and China Grove, North Carolina.