Help Feed the Hungry with Food For Days and the Amazon Smile
Program! [infographic]

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Many of us are looking to help those in need but aren’t sure where to start. Especially around the holiday season, people want to help give back to communities in need. What if we told you there is a simple way to help feed the hungry without spending any money beyond what you were planning to spend anyway? Here at Food For Days, we have partnered with the Amazon Smile Program to help people make donations at their leisure. How does it work? Let’s discuss.

Help Feed the Hungry with Food For Days and the Amazon Smile Program! [infographic]

  • Sign up for the Amazon Smile Program. Simply go to and enroll by indicating you want to support our charity. There is no charge for you to do this. When you sign up for the Amazon Smile program, you are able to support charities like Food For Days with your regular shopping and spending. 0.5% of every eligible Amazon purchase you make will be donated to your chosen charity at no additional cost to you.
  • Continue to make purchases as normal. Millions of products are available for purchase that work with the Amazon Smile program! Simply choose from one of the items that qualifies. When you choose to support Food For Days, you can purchase whatever you like, and Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase to our charity.
  • Don’t forget to renew! About two times every year, you will need to renew your subscription to the Amazon Smile Program. They should send emails or push notifications to remind you of these renewal times.
  • Check for the Amazon Smile logo when purchasing. There are a few items that do not apply to the Amazon Smile Program, such as Subscribe and Save items. If you’re ever confused, just check for the Amazon Smile logo.
  • Make purchases on your mobile or browser. Food For Days can get donations through Amazon just by you making many of your normal purchases. Whether you purchase through a mobile app or on your web browser, you will be donating the same. Your mobile app can remember your Amazon Smile preferences. When shopping on a web browser, just make sure you start shopping with your browser directed to
  • Don’t forget about our other ways to donate! Food For Days offers many different ways to volunteer, including the Amazon Smile program. You can also donate directly to us in the form of monetary contributions, time, or food donations.
  • Help feed children who need it. Our charity works by putting food directly into the hands of children who need it. By shopping with Amazon and selecting Food For Days as your preferred charity, you can be helpful to needy children.

For questions about the Amazon Smile Program or Food For Days, please contact us today to be added to our mailing list!