Is Food For Days ™ a 501C3?

Yes. We received our 501(c)(3) status in May of 2014. Our EIN # is 38-3875533

How are students identified?

Students are identified by in-school counselors and teachers. They then are sent home a permission slipped to be signed by the parents and returned to receive weekend meals.

How do I become a child sponsor and what is the cost?

You can sign up to sponsor a child at anytime. $250 Sponsors one child for one school calendar year. Contact Us or click the Donate button and give $250 per child. Make a note in memo section, if available. That’s only about 68 cents a day over the course of a year.

How can I/We participate?

There are 4 ways to participate in the Food For Days Weekend Backpack Meal Initiative.

Pray for the The Children
Local Sponsors
The Families of the Children
Church Partners
Executive Leadership
School Counselors
Board of Directors
One Another

Volunteer to work at a Fund Raising Event
Register to Participate in a Fund Raising Event

Search our website for various packing opportunities

Provide monetary support through recurring or one-time financial donations

How do Students receive weekends meals?

Weekend meal bags are packed at team packing sites, in generic packaging, and delivered to the schools on Thursday for students to take home on Friday.

Does Food For Days ™ have a summer feeding program?

Food for Days does not directly operate a summer feeding program however we point to others in the community who are addressing hunger in the summer.

Can my Family, Neighborhood, Business, Church or Sports Team participate?

Yes! You can throw a fundraising party, organize a food drive or collect the items of the month. You can also collect and pack hygiene items, if we have a need at that time.

Every kind act or donation helps

Help make a difference in their lives