Food for the Poor, Iredell County, NC

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Our efforts provide food for the poor when they need it most.

There are so many children who struggle with food insecurity throughout the country. Not knowing when or where your next meal is coming from is very stressful for everyone involved, especially children whose growing bodies are looking for nourishment. When you help our team here at Food For Days, you are not only helping to provide food for the poor, but also helping give those in need a welcome relief from the stress and anxiety that comes from food insecurity.

Food for the Poor in Iredell County, North Carolina

Here at Food For Days, our non-profit charity focuses on the children of food insecure families. Because children can often get free or reduced fares for breakfast and lunch at school, these children are able to eat during the week. On the weekends, however, they don’t have access to those same resources and might not be able to eat during the weekend. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the weeks so that these children always have something to eat over the weekend.

Those who receive the meals that are food for the poor are children who are identified in the school districts in the Iredell County, North Carolina area. Through the watchful gaze and guidance of school counselors, we can identify a need in finding food for the poor and correctly identify that need with beneficial meals. To learn more about finding food for the poor, give us a call here at Food For Days. We would love your help feeding those who need a boost in the community.

At Food For Days, we provide food for the poor in Iredell County, including Mooresville, Davidson, Troutman, Statesville, Harmony, Huntersville, and China Grove, North Carolina.