“Did You Know… local kids are returning to school on Monday with bellyaches because they haven’t eaten since Friday?”

John Saunders, Founder

Children's organizations

What sets our organization apart from other children’s organizations is that we work directly with local schools to identify need.

Feeding hungry children

We currently feed over 450 students. Feeding hungry children is our mission and passion, and we are always looking for ways to grow our organization and help more and more kids.


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Together, we can solve the ongoing problem of child hunger.

Did you know that many kids in Iredell County, North Carolina come to school Monday morning hungry because they haven’t eaten all weekend? Child hunger is a problem we’re battling for local children here at Food For Days, and our charitable organization addresses weekend hunger throughout the school year in our local community.

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Students in need are identified by school counselors and teachers. After a hungry child is identified, they receive a permission slip, which needs to be signed by a parent, indicating that they can receive weekend meals. We send every child home with a backpack filled with two breakfasts, two lunches, and two dinners, as well as drinks and snacks, so they come back to school on Monday nourished and ready to learn! We pack our weekend meal bags at packing sites beforehand in generic packaging and deliver them to schools on Thursday, so they can be discreetly handed out and taken home on Friday afternoon.


Everywhere a 4th-grade girl went, she walked slowly with her head down.
A counselor noticed, did an assessment, and got her into the backpack meals program.

After her first weekend with a backpack, every time the girl passed the counselor in the hallway, she would smile BIG and ask:

Do I get my backpack meal this Friday?!”


This little girl and others like her are why we do what we do. Our mission is to help real children in our local communities and put food in their bellies and smiles on their faces.

STOP hunger every weekend of the school year with just $250


For about 68 cents a day, you can stop hunger in its tracks, and help feed these local kids.

$ 1,000

1 School Year

As an Individual or Group, Sponsor Four Children for a whole School Year so they can focus on Learning rather than their hurting tummies.

One-Time Tax Deductible Payment.

$ 250

1 School Year

Just 68 cents a day

As an Individual, Family, Business or Church Group, Sponsor One Child for a School Year so they can focus on Learning how they can serve the world one day.

One-Time Tax Deductible Payment.

Donate any Amount

As an Individual or Group, we understand you may not be able to commit to a specified amount, so why not choose what works for you and your budget? Everything helps, and even a little contribution can go a long way!

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Addressing hunger in our local community is our mission and passion, and we seek to grow our organization so we can continue to serve children who need our help! Make your donation today or reach out to us at Food For Days to establish a partnership with us.